GBTA GTP Credits


GBTA San Antonio Chapter GTP Credits for 2017

Continuing Education Credits

DateMeetingSpeakerMeeting TitleGTP Credits
1/3/2017 January Meeting Sarah Eury, SwRI and Shanna Hinton, Catapult Industry Happenings  0
1/19/2017 Texas Education Day United Airlines and JV Partners Presentation Opening Reception 0.5
1/20/2017 Texas Education Day Patrick Algyer GBTA Updates and Professional Development 1
1/20/2017 Texas Education Day Joshua Evans Enthusiatic You! 0
1/20/2017 Texas Education Day Sponsorship Booths/Networking Loteria Card Game 1
1/20/2017 Texas Education Day Sophia Walker What's Your Rembrandt -Essential Reports to Paint Your T&E Picture 1
1/20/2017 Texas Education Day  Jamie Pena Unraveling the Mysteries of Revenue Management 1
1/20/2017 Texas Education Day Carol Margolis Business Travel Success 1
1/20/2017 Texas Education Day Rachel Long Traveler Engagement Workshop - Fundamentals to Communicating with Travelers 1
1/20/2017 Texas Education Day  Sally Daniel Personal Branding as a Sales Strategy 1
1/20/2017 Texas Education Day Dr. Eugene Delaune, Melissa Kreidie, Andrew Miller and Erin Wilk Medical & Security Risks That Impact Business Travelers
 2/7/2017 February Meeting Jim Jaeger Cyber Strategist 1
3/7/2017 March Meeting Mike Boult Travel Leaders  1
5/2/2017  May Meeting Jay Ellenby         American Society of Travel Agents Presentation    1
6/6/2017  June Meeting Robert Hess       Data Analytics and Technology to Improve your Rental Car Program    1
8/1/2017 August Meeting Marques Holmes     IJet 1
9/5/2017 September Meeting Jan Horton Spence "Dare to be Different!  A New Perspective on Goal Setting  1
10/3/2017 October Meeting Michel Woody Visit San Antonio 1
11/7/17 November Meeting Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien Bridging the Gap with Groupize 1