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GBTA National Bylaws

Please see message from our new GBTA CEO Suzanne Neufang: 


Hi Everyone -  

When I started out in my new role as CEO, I committed to listening to my GBTA staff and to our members, sponsors and partners.  My listening sessions have been so enlightening and useful and have strengthened my commitment to driving change and transparency for and within GBTA.  GBTA members – you! -- want an association that represents the industry and does so in a positive way every day.   

As detailed in the attached letter from the GBTA Bylaw task force, GBTA members have voiced their belief that changes are needed. 

Now it is time for the next phase, where we need you to make your voice heard. We are seeking your votes on a wide range of changes to the GBTA Bylaws and to elect a new Board of Directors this summer. Given the nature of the votes, we will be conducting a Special Election. 

Over the coming months, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Give all active members the ability to vote on changes to the bylaws 
  • Give active global members of the association outside of the U.S., the ability to have representation and voting rights on the GBTA Board of Directors 
  • Remove the Indirect category to give all paying members the right to vote 
  • Limit the number of terms that members can serve on the GBTA Board of Directors 
  • Reduce the requirements for a candidate to run for the GBTA Board of Directors 
  • Allow all active members to vote on at-large seats for the GBTA Board of Directors, as well as Association Board President and Vice President 
  • Better define membership rights 

These Bylaw votes and 2021 Board elections will be conducted online through a third- party independent service, Election Services Corporation. The first set of votes will occur April 19 through May 2, 2021. This vote will be for GBTA Direct Members to vote on three changes to the Bylaws (as outlined in the attached letter).  The results of the vote will be announced May 4, 2021.  

Ensuing calls for nomination, a vote on a second set of Bylaws and ultimately a vote on the 2021 Board of Directors will occur through July 2021. 

Timeline of Votes

April 19 – May 2 - Bylaw Set 1 vote (Direct members only) 

May 6-21 – Bylaw Set 2 vote   

May 6-27 – Call for Nominations 2021 Board of Directors 

June 14 – Announcement of Candidates and distribution of platforms 

June 21 – 2021 GBTA Board of Directors vote begins 

June 24 – Candidate Town Hall Forum 

July 19 – 2021 GBTA Board of Directors vote closes  

July 20 – 2021 GBTA Board of Directors Announcement 

Votes on Bylaws: Summary of two votes needed

Bylaw Set 1, the first vote running from April 19 – May 2, for Direct members only, will be to vote on three distinct changes to the bylaws: 

  1. Vote to allow all active members to vote on GBTA Bylaw changes 
  1. Vote to recategorize Indirect membership, better define membership categories and create affiliate members 
  1. Vote to shorten the number of days required for candidates to file for office and to make it easier for members of the association to qualify for office 

Bylaw Set 2, the second vote running from May 6 - 21, for potentially Direct and Allied members – depending on Bylaw Set 1 vote – will change the composition of the GBTA Board. 

  1. Add regional, Europe and Canada, seats to the Board 
  1. Add two (2) Allied At-Large seats 
  1. Remove Chairperson from Board of Directors 
  1. Add lifetime term limits  
  1. All elected Board members will be voted on by active members 

We will send active members the specific “current” and “proposed amended” Bylaw language when each vote is launched.  

Call for Board of Directors Nominations

In parallel with the vote on Bylaw Set 2, the call for nominations will go forth. GBTA is once again using an online nomination process this year. A member can nominate themself or another Member who has personally agreed to run for election. You may nominate as many candidates as you like.   
On May 6, GBTA members will receive an email with a personalized link and additional instructions on the nomination process. To submit a nomination online, recipients will click onto a personalized link to begin the process. 

Nominations must be submitted by May 27, 2021.
If you have any questions about Bylaw voting or the online nomination process, please contact Election Services Corp. by email at [email protected] or call toll-free +1 866 720 HELP (4357).  

Please note: Any other method of submission of the nomination form will not be accepted.   

2021 GBTA Board of Directors Elections

Vacancies for the 2021 GBTA Board of Directors and who is eligible to vote will depend on the results of votes on the Bylaw Sets 1 and 2. 

Open Positions 

  • GBTA President (1) – for a term of two years 
  • GBTA Vice President (1) – for a term of two years
  • Three (3) Direct Seats – terms will be dependent on Bylaw vote outcomes 
  • One (1), possibly Three (3) Allied Seats – terms will be dependent on Bylaw vote outcomes 

The Role of the Board

The GBTA Board of Directors serves a crucial role in determining the long-term strategy and future governance needs of the Association. A Director attends approximately four (4) in-person meetings of the Board throughout the year, as well as periodic Board conference calls as needed. In addition, all Board Members attend the annual GBTA Convention where they participate in several leadership assignments. All Board Members spend time deliberating on matters and policies related to the Association's programs and services. In addition, Board Members should expect to carry out special assignments and make appearances at local chapter meetings, committee meetings or other forums where GBTA's leadership presence is needed throughout the year.   
In addition to the GBTA Board of Directors, Allied Member positions will also serve on the GBTA Allied Leadership Council. This Council advises the Board on industry related matters from a supplier perspective.   
Candidate Requirements

All candidates for the GBTA Board should be knowledgeable of GBTA's programs, services, and Bylaws. All candidates are asked to submit a platform statement and respond to questions. The candidate's platform statement and responses are published online and made available to all Members in advance of voting. In addition, this year, GBTA will set up a virtual candidate forum on June 24 for each candidate to present a live 3-minute campaign pitch to inform voting members.   
All candidates must adhere to campaign guidelines. 

I continue to be inspired by the dedication of our volunteers.  Please make note of the important dates above.  Your commitment for the industry will help us all come back better! 


Suzanne Neufang